Which bridge do you want?.

Which bridge do you want?. LOC Summary: Poster showing two bridges, the bridge of ships "American Industry" carrying supplies to the Allies, and "Hyphen Bridge" carrying "Plots" and "Unrest" between the United States and Germany. A tiny bird comments of the former, "This is the bridge that will win the war.". LOC Notes: Title continues: American labor can either build a bridge of ships to help Pershing's army or it can permit enemy agitators to stretch the hyphen of disloyalty as a bridge to aid our enemies. Co-operation and vigorous effort will save the lives of Our Boys and bring us the right kind of Peace. We believe American wage-earners and wage-payers are loyal. Let us prove it by working together for America!. Date Created/Published: 1917. wwI poster provided by LOC. Original medium: 1 print (poster) : lithograph ; 63 x 47 cm.