Industrial war bread?.

Industrial war bread?. LOC Summary: Poster showing a mule "Industry" kicking and snorting as it is bothered by flies "Unwise laws," and "Tax," and its food is infested with bugs, rat "Waste," and snake "Agitation.". LOC Notes: Title continues: If our good mule "Industry" were made National Food Dictator he would urge your appetite to do without unwise business laws, wasteful agitation, excessive taxation and labor strife, in the interest of America's industrial health. He would also urge the unrestricted use of harmony, co-operation and fair public opinion towards business men, for he knows that he himself needs these foodstuffs, if he is to do his full bit in the trenches and keep his strength for the trade war which will follow the restoration of peace. Give "Industry" a show as a food dictator. Date Created/Published: 1917. World War One poster provided by LOC. Original medium: 1 print (poster) : lithograph ; 63 x 48 cm.