Employees of Gossler Bros., Inc.--Notice!.

Employees of Gossler Bros., Inc.--Notice!. LOC Summary: Poster is text only, printed on company letterhead. LOC Notes: Text continues: Owing to the peculiar conditions of war possibilities between the United States and Germany, we must insist that all employees of this Corporation be Americans by heart, disregarding their place of birth, and absolutely refrain from using any other language than English, and also refrain from discussing war conditions. This country gives you a livelihood-be loyal! We, Gossler Bros., have never used any discrimination regarding nationality or religion in the past, nor will we now and the future. We are Americans! Gossler Bros., Inc. Date Created/Published: 1917. WW1 poster provided by LOC. Original medium: 1 print (poster) : letterpress ; 27 x 21 cm.