Don't blame it all on the war!.

Don't blame it all on the war!. LOC Summary: Poster showing a mule "Industry" upsetting a cart as it is bothered by flies "Unjust taxation," "Agitation," Waste," "Strife," and "Unfair laws.". LOC Notes: Title continues: As a consumer has it ever occurred to you there is a close relationship between your pocketbook (household expenses) and industrial conditions? You complain of high prices but have you ever done anything to discourage such price-boosting factors as burdensome laws which impose unnecessary taxes on legitimate American industry and constant waste promoted by destructive agitators? Help to keep prices down by chasing the flies away from industry. Date Created/Published: 1917. World War One poster provided by LOC. Original medium: 1 print (poster) : lithograph ; 63 x 47 cm.