The 4-leaf clover of industry.

The 4-leaf clover of industry. LOC Summary: Poster showing a four-leaf clover on stem "Co-operation," with leaves "Wage payer," "Wage earner," "Farmer," and "Consumer.". LOC Notes: Title continues: The business men and all good citizens in this community are in favor of industrial co-operation. We believe that co-operation is the life-giving stem of prosperity for those who pay wages, those who receive wages and those who spend the wages paid by our American factories, mines, mills, shops, etc. Industrial peace is needed to win this war for democracy. Agitators are breeders of treason and this community has no room for them. Date Created/Published: 1917. World War I propaganda poster provided by LOC. Original medium: 1 print (poster) : lithograph ; 63 x 47 cm.